Sunset at Constitution Marsh. Photo: Jessica Andreone
Sunset at Constitution Marsh. Photo: Jessica Andreone

Audubon in Action

"So Long, and Thanks to the Birds"

Reflecting on her time at Constitution Marsh, the 2019 Student Conservation Association Intern "Fledges the Nest."

After nearly a year spent learning, growing, and living at the Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sactuary, my time as an intern here had ended.

It’s a reality that my mind still has not registered. It’s strange how much this place has become a part of my identity. I will no longer be “the intern who lives here” or “the girl at the marsh” or “bird lady” and I won’t be able to tell people that I live on a bird sanctuary.

To me, the past 10 months have been more than just a job. It has been a home and it has been a life that I have lived. After some reflection, I didn’t realize how much experiences can shape who I am. I have grown through and around this internship and sanctuary as I went through every struggle, loss, and bit of happiness that came with the job.

Though I’m still mostly the same person I was at the beginning of this internship, I can see that I am more confident than I was before and more sure of my abilities. When I first started I struggled teaching a group of 15 students. A few days ago, I taught 120 students without a problem. I just as well thought I would never be able lead a fence installation or have a deep impact on my students’ lives. Yet, here I am with thank you notes and a head full of memories of things I was surprised that I was able to do.

I am unsure of what my next step is, but I am very grateful for everyone who has helped me and who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through Audubon and SCA. I’m not sure who will take my place, but I hope they will similarily gain new perspective and stories to tell.

It has been an honor being the intern at Constitution Marsh. Below, please enjoy some of my photos from my time here!

Cedar Waxwing taken in May. This was the first decent photo I had ever taken of a bird. This photo started my exploration into nature and bird photography. Photo: Jessica Andreone
Constitution Marsh boardwalk in the winter. Photo: Jessica Andreone
My mother paddling at Constitution Marsh Photo: Jessica Andreone
Attendees of our Eagle Walk. This was the first public program that I co-hosted. Photo: Jessica Andreone
Photo of two Barn Swallows that I took at Buttercup Farm Audubon Sanctuary during a grassland bird survey. Photo: Jessica Andreone
A photo of me and fellow SCA member, Chelsea Moore, at our American Canoe Association 'Quick Start Your Canoe' training in July.
Photo I took of a Great Egret fishing by the Constitution Marsh boardwalk. Photo: Jessica Andreone

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