Important Information

Please read carefully for a safe and enjoyable visit.
What time can I visit the Marsh?

You can visit the Marsh and walk the trails anytime between 9 am and 6 pm. Please contact us if you would like to make arrangements to visit outside these times.The Visitor's Center is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm, with limited weekend hours during the winter.

Where do I park?

Parking is allowed only in the designated area at the intersection of Warren's Landing Road and Indian Brook Road. Space is limited to 8 vehicles at a time and the lot can fill up quickly on busy weekends. Please do not park anywhere along the shoulder of Indian Brook Road or block access to nearby private driveways, as you may be ticketed or towed. 

What are the trail conditions?

Expect a round-trip hike of about one mile. The terrain here is typical of the Hudson Highlands and there are sections of the trail that are somewhat steep and rocky. Sturdy footwear is very important, flip-flops are not allowed on the trail. Hazards may include inclement weather, stinging insects, ticks, poison ivy and the occasional copperhead, so please plan accordingly. Drinking water is available at the Center when open, but may not available depending on the time of your visit. A reusable water bottle is recommended.

Are any areas of the marsh difficult for walkers with disabilities?

Yes. Please call ahead if you have a disability and would like to visit, so we can provide some helpful information.

Are your canoes for rent?

No, they are not for rent. We do offer excellent guided tours of the Marsh at certain times in spring, summer, and fall. To view our current public canoe program calendar, click here. To learn more about our canoe programs, including fees and age requirements, click here.

Can I bring my own canoe or kayak to Constitution Marsh?

You may, but please note public access is NOT at the Audubon Center, but is provided at Scenic Hudson's Foundry Dock Park in Cold Spring.  If you are planning to kayak or canoe trip through the marsh on your own, please click here for important information. 

Can I bring my dog or other pet with me?

No dogs or other pets are allowed at the marsh. Pets can foul the trails, disturb other visitors and wildlife.

May I take a picnic lunch on my walk?

You may bring a picnic lunch, but we ask that you pack out any trash. We will take your recyclables. Please note that glass containers are not allowed on the trails.

Is hunting or fishing permitted in the Marsh?

No, it is not. Please be aware that hunting takes place near the Marsh during the appropriate season.

Are there public restrooms at the Marsh?

Yes, we have a restroom located inside the Visitor's Center.

Should I call if I find a sick or injured animal?

We don't typically respond to house calls but we would be happy to give out advice as needed.

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